The Universal Man

Caroline Criado Perez and Linn Stalsberg

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Caroline Criado Perez and Linn Stalsberg

The world in which we live is by and large designed and built for «the ideal man»: The size of cell phones, seat belts in cars, the development of medication – there are countless examples. And most of this we take for granted, that is how used we are, both women and men, to men being the norm, the universal form.

If something is to change in the world that is constantly overlooking women, we have to first be aware that this is happening, says writer Caroline Criado Perez. In her book Invisible Women, she lets the numbers speak for her: Data and statistics from all areas of society and a number of countries all show the same picture. “When we see it, we see it. But someone has to point it out to us,” Linn Stalsberg writes in an essay about invisible women in Agenda Magasin. And Criado Perez points it out to us. Where do we go from here? What would change in design and politics if the world started including the experiences of women?

Criado Perez is a critically acclaimed writer, journalist, and activist from the UK, where she has campaigned for women to be featured on British banknotes, and for statues of suffragettes to be erected.

Linn Stalsberg is a journalist and writer of titles such as Det er nok nå (“Enough now”) and Etter pandemien (“After the pandemic”).

This evening, Criado Perez will give an introduction to her project to reveal the male norm governing our everyday lives, before joining Stalsberg in conversation.

The event will be in English.

Litteraturhuset Wergeland Free tickets will be available from Friday the 2nd of September 9 AM English

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