The Syrian civil war seen from the inside

Samar Yazbek, Bassma Kodmani and Eugene Rogan

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Saladindagene 2013 Samar Yazbek, Bassma Kodmani and Eugene Rogan

Syria was one of the first countries to experience the Arab Spring, with protests first being organised against the rule of Bashar al-Assad in January 2011. Clashes between protesters and the armed forces rapidly grew and in 2012 the revolution developed into a civil war. Author Samar Yazbek supported the protests against Assad from the start. Bassma Kodmani, scholar and politician, is a former member of the Syrian National Council and the director of the Arab Reform Initiative. They have both seen the civil war from the inside, even though they had to leave the country. In this conversation they are joined by Eugene Rogan. The conversation will be held in Arabic, with simultaneous translation into English.

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