The religious roots of the conflict in the Middle East

Seminar for youth with Rabbi David Rosen and Imam Yahya Hendi

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The Saladin Days 2011 Seminar for youth with Rabbi David Rosen and Imam Yahya Hendi

It is well known that the conflict in the Middle East, among other things, is a conflict between Jews and Muslims, disagreeing on who has the right to practice their faith in Israel and the Palestinian territories. It is also well known that Jerusalem is a holy city, both for Christians and Muslims, and that disagreements on religious subjects continually has lead to violence.

Why these areas are religiously important, however, is less common knowledge. Why has Muslims built two mosques in Jerusalem’s Temple Mount? What is the reason Jews face the Wailing Wall when they pray? Why do members of the different religious communities believe that they alone are entitled to these areas?

These are some of the questions at the House of Literature’s youth seminar, where Rabbi David Rosen and Imam Yahya Hendi are guests. With years of experience of discussing faith across religious communities, Rosen and Hendi will talk about why their followers see Israel and the Palestinian territories as so important. Leading the conversation is religious history scholar Hanne Eggen Røislien. After the conversation, we invite you to discuss: What is needed for Muslims and Jews to agree on this issue?

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