The International Saladin Days 2019

The prison

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The prison

Oscar Wilde, Antonio Gramsci, Anne Frank – some of the most prominent voices in literary history has written from prison and captivity. They reflect over their own situation, over the evil that humans do to each other, and over the world outside. How do you find a language for trauma, and can you find hope and belief in a better future despite the world’s brutality?

This year’s Saladin Days will explore the prison in both a concrete and a metaphorical sense, through conversations, talks and film screenings. Among the international guests are Syrian Mustafa Khalifa, Turkish Burhan Sönmez and Lebanese Elias Khoury. All three have written critically acclaimed and consequential novels which illuminate aspects of the situation in their three home countries, while dealing with universal subjects such as violence and evil, justice, freedom and hope.

This year’s Saladin Days are made with professional and financial support from SPACE – Syrian Peace Action Centre and Aschehoug publishing house.

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