The Future of the Kurds in a new Middle East

Lecture by Gareth Stansfield

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All four countries where the Kurds are living have in the last couple of years gone through a dramatic development, where especially the news from Syria have dominated the headlines. Since August 2015 the Kurds in Rojava – northern Syria, have controlled a continuous area along almost the entire Turkish order. Recently, they announced the introduction of a federal system, which has been completely dismissed by the regime in
Damascus as well as Ankara. Also, many Kurds in the country have been critical towards the political project of the Kurdish PYD party.

More and more people are saying that the borders in the Middle East have to be redrawn in order to put an end to the war in Syria, and the entire region is subject to a massive power play. Professor of Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter and author of the forthcoming book The Kurdish Question Revisited, Gareth Stansfield, will in this lecture discuss the status of the Kurdish project and the region in which they live, right now. What is the future of the Kurds in a new Middle East?

English Lecture by Gareth Stansfield Wergeland Litteraturhuset Saladindagene 2016

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