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Sara Ahmed and Hannah Helseth

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Sara Ahmed and Hannah Helseth

UK based academic Sara Ahmed published The Cultural Politics of Emotions in 2004. The book has become central in what is characterized as an affective turn in the social sciences and humanities: A renewed interest in how emotions influence politics and society has come to the fore within these disciplines. What role do emotions play in shaping individual beliefs, and how are emotions used by political movements?

In her most recent project, Ahmed has interviewed staff and students about their experiences of making complaints about unequal working conditions or abuses of power such as harassment and bullying. The project has returned her to core questions about the role of emotions not only in how we consent to, but also how we challenge, authority.

Sociologist and editor of Nytt norsk tidsskrift Hannah Helseth is one of the authors behind the book Det jeg skulle ha sagt, handbook mot seksuell trakassering (“What I should have said, a handbook against sexual harassment”). She has also been engaged in trying to find a language to create a non-excluding culture. This evening, Sara Ahmed will give a talk about her most recent project, before joining Helseth in conversation.

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