Fighting mad to tell their story: Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid writing in the aftermath of Jane Eyre

Lecture by Denise DeCaires Narain

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Lecture by Denise DeCaires Narain

There is always the other side, always.
― Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

The world was theirs, not mine; everything told me so.
― Jamaica Kincaid, On Seeing England for the First Time

This lecture introduces two of the most prolific Caribbean women writers, Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid, comparing their distinctive styles and thematic focus. Both writers have spoken of the significance of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre in their writing lives and the lecture will explore how this plays out in their work, particularly in their respective engagements with anger and madness.

For many feminist critics, Bertha Mason, Jane Eyre’s “mad woman in the attic, encapsulates the fury of women excluded (or expelled) by patriarchal structures. In this lecture, Denise DeCaires Narain argues that the unique forms that Rhys and Kincaid deploy give shape to that fury in productive and stylish ways.

Denise DeCaires Narain has worked at the University of Sussex for a number of years, where her research has focused especially on Caribbean writers and postcolonial literature. In this lecture, she offers a unique introduction to two of the most prominent writers from the Caribbean: Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid.

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