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Claudio Magris and Tore Rem

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Claudio Magris and Tore Rem

The event with Claudio Magris and Tore Rem that was cancelled earlier this winter has been rescheduled for April 24 at 5PM.

A name often mentioned in connection with the Nobel Prize for Literature, Claudio Magris is a central figure in Italy’s contemporary literature. Through his genre bending novels, stories and essays, Magris has explored the changing national and cultural borders of Europe since the 1960s, with a keen eye for the effects on the area by the second world war.

One of Italy’s leading experts on German literature and Central European culture, he explores the mythology and history of the landscape by following the Danube river in what is possibly his best known work.

His latest novel, Non luogo a procedere (translated as Blameless) is set in Trieste, a border area which was occupied during the war. In this place, a museum is built to exhibit all instruments of war and atrocities, in advancement of peace. At the same time, Luisa, who is hired at the museum, tells her family’s story: About her grandmother, who gave away other Jews, her mother, who grew up without parents, and her father, who came to Italy as an African American soldier.

When Magris visits the House of Literature, he will meet writer and literary professor Tore Rem for a conversation about European identity, responsibility and the conditions for peace.

The event is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo.

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