Farewell Freeman's

John Freeman, Aleksandar Hemon, Johan Harstad and Linn Ullmann

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John Freeman, Aleksandar Hemon, Johan Harstad and Linn Ullmann

Join our celebration for the last ever Freeman’s, for a night of speeches and readings from previous contributors.

Over the last decade, Freeman’s anthologies has served up new literary texts from across the world, introducing voices such as Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk and Valeria Luiselli along Norwegians such as Johan Harstad, Gunnhild Øyehaug and Niels Fredrik Dahl.

But this is it. With his fall edition, aptly named Conclusions, editor John Freeman concludes a decade of anthologies of new literature. In his contribution with the same title, Aleksandar Hemon asks why we should write or make make music at all in these end times. There will be readings by both Hemon and Johan Harstad. Another writer who has followed Freeman’s closely, and herself been central in introducing international voices to Norwegian readers, is Linn Ullmann. Now, Freeman invites Ullmann, Hemon and Harstad for a conversation about conclusions and the role of literary magazines – for the individual writer as well as for the literary ecosystem. How is the ecosystem affected when they disappear?

Literary magazines are folding and changing in many countries, and in Norway, the most well-known have either migrated to digital formats (Vinduet) or from prestigious publishing houses to new owners (Samtiden). Is the literary magazine something from a bygone era? What does that mean for new voices and new, experimental texts?

Litteraturhuset Berner (u. et) In English https://litteraturhuset.ticketco.events/no/nb/e/gravoel_for_en_tidsskriftaera_john_freeman_aleksandar_hemon_johan_harstad_mfl Tickets for free admission will be available from 30. August at 9.00 AM

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