Cooking the Kurdish-Norwegian Way

With Mustafa Can, Nevzat Arikan, Tore Namstad and Kjell Arne Johnsæter

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East meets west on the menu this evening. Come join a culinaryliterary journey with two Kurdish and two Norwegian foodies. The exchange between the East and the West and mutual curiousness as been of great importance for the development of human kind. Many central works of philosophy, literature, art and science are the results of these meetings, and could not have come about without them.

The Swedish author Mustafa Can is exceptionally preoccupied with food and food culture, and has amongst other things made food programs on radio. Just like restaurateur Nevzat Arikan, who has created restaurants like Olympen and Arakataka, Can is convinced that this cultural meeting between East and West has also been crucial to the development of great food. Now they join chefs Tore Namstad and Kjell Arne Johnsæter of Kafe Oslo in putting together a four course tasting menu. How will it go when seasonal Norwegian cod is prepared Kurdish style? And what does Norwegian goat kebabs taste like? Welcome to a festive evening in the spirit of the Saladin Days.

Table reservations at The event is a cooperation between the House of Literature and Kafe Oslo.

Four course menu 400,- NOK.

English With Mustafa Can, Nevzat Arikan, Tore Namstad and Kjell Arne Johnsæter Kok en bokorm Amalie Skram Litteraturhuset Saladindagene 2016

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