Archibald Ferguson's Four Lives

Paul Auster and Janneken Øverland

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Paul Auster and Janneken Øverland

No life is really just one story. Paul Auster‘s new novel, 4 3 2 1, tells four possible, interlaced stories about Archibald Ferguson: His lives as they would have unfolded if a few small, or larger, events had taken a different course. Together, these four versions of Ferguson weaves a portrait of American post-war history and culture, depicting central events such as the civil rights struggle, the 1968 student protests, the Vietnam war and Kennedy’s assasination.

The novel, translated into Norwegian by Torleif Sjøgren-Erichsen, reflects Auster’s continouos fascination for coincidence, for alternate possibilities and realities. From his very first novels, the New York trilogy, Auster has explored the potential of metafiction to describe American lives and history, in worlds where his protagonists take in uncertainty and ambivalence, in themselves and the world around them.

Paul Auster has published more than thirty books, and calls 4 3 2 1 his masterpiece. He will meet literary critic and former editor Janneken Øverland in conversation.

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