Ukrainian lands in the European space in the early modern period

Join us to learn more about the history of Ukraine as a part of our common European heritage.


The early modern period (15-18th centuries) is often called a latent era of Ukrainian history as it gets relatively little attention in the public discussion. However, already then Ukraine was an active and independent player in the European political arena signing legal treaties and creating military alliances.

This event will introduce the Polish-Lithuanian and Cossack period of Ukrainian history through different lenses. Dr. Tetiana Hoshko, a History professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv) will provide a historical context of the period showing how the ideas of Humanism and Reformation influenced the norms of urban law and made some of the Ukrainian cities closer to the legal space of other European cities. Marina Trattner, Master of European Business Law, journalist, translator, and blogger, will share her story of leading the team of Swedish and Ukrainian archivists, historians, and lawyers restoring the true Ukrainian history from the original documents that are preserved in the archives of Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, and other countries.

Join us to learn more about the history of Ukraine as a part of our common European heritage.

Moderator: Nataliya Yeremeyeva (Den Ukrainske Forening i Norge)

This event is a part of series of lectures about history and culture of Ukraine.

The event will also be streamed.

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