Magical Creatures of Norway

Creatures dwell in the Norwegian wilderness. Beautiful. Ancient. Savage. Wise and clever. Dangerous.

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Photo: Per Mork

"The Magical Creatures of Norway" is a book series about all the strange creatures unique to the Scandinavian peninsula. We here present the first two books in the series - "Troll" and "Hulder".

When the first humans migrated to the Scandinavian peninsula some 10 000 years ago, they found that the land was already inhabited. Strange creatures lived in mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. The early Norwegians had to learn how to live alongside them.

In this series we are true to ancient Norwegian folklore, but with a modern twist. Not all fairy tales are from hundreds of years ago. With breathtaking photos from the Norwegian landscape these books will take you on a unique journey through history, legends and savage beauty.

The Troll book contains real photos of Troll and explain in detail what a Troll is, the types and subtypes as well as mating habits, diet and Troll research.

No book has to our knowledge been written about Huldra in English before. But she is an integral part of the mystique of the Norwegian woodland.

More books are planned about Draugen, Nøkken, Lindormen and many more.

Disclaimer: These books are meant for adults! They describe sexual acts and contain pictures of nudity. They are NOT meant for children.

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Do you want to rent Kverneland?

This event will take place in Kverneland. Kverneland er en lys sal med utsikt mot Slottsparken.

Bilde av salen Kverneland på Litteraturhuset, med en stor veggillustrasjon som viser norske forfattere, tegnet av Steffen Kverneland.

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