Nytfestivalen: The art of giving and receiving

Welcome to an introduction to the Wheel of Consent.

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Are you more comfortable with giving, or receiving a loving touch? When you caress your loved one, do you do it the way you prefer yourself, or do you ask how they prefer it? Do you dare to ask for what you really want?

Welcome to an introduction to the Wheel of Consent. You will learn the main concepts, and how you can use this for insights and greater intimacy in all your relationships. There will be voluntary exercises. Betty Martin developed the Wheel through her experience as a sex-worker, supporting her clients to identify and communicate which kinds of touch they didn’t want, and which kinds of touch would give them the most profound pleasure. It was only later that she realized the four quadrants of the Wheel also illuminate and clarify interactions in all areas of life.

Speaker: Kjersti Helgeland

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