Riverton is a meeting room at The House of Literature's for up to 14 people.

Image of the meeting room Riverton with a meeting table.
Photo: Pontus Gustav Holmenäs

Riverton is a smaller meeting room on the second floor. It features large windows with a beautiful view of Hegdehaugsveien, but curtains can be used to screen out light and create a quieter atmosphere. The room is versatile and suitable for various small group meetings.

About the Room

  • Icon of a stair indicating a floor level2. floor
  • Icon of the people indicating the capacity of the room14 pers
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  • 550/hour (max. 3500)

Note: 25% VAT is added to the rate for organizations and businesses that are VAT-registered. The price list is adjusted on January 1st each year.

 Riverton with a meeting table and a view towards Hegdehaugsveien.


Suitable for small meetings, seminars, workshops, and group work. The room can be rented in combination with our other rooms if there is a need for additional breakout rooms.

Rental Period

The room is rented on an hourly basis, with 8 hours considered a full day.


Included in the rental price, the meeting room offers the following amenities:

  • 55-inch TV screen for PC/Mac connectivity
  • Webcam and audio equipment for digital meetings
  • Wireless and wired network
  • Power outlets in the floor beneath the table


It can be set up with long tables, a U-shaped configuration, classroom-style, and small table setups.

Long table
Long table: 14 people
Meeting table
Meeting table: 12 people
Horseshoe-table: 12 people
Classroom: 10 people
Photo of the meeting room Riverton
Photo of the meeting room Riverton

All photos: Pontus Gustav Holmenäs