Kverneland is a small room on the second floor of the House of Literature. The space has large windows that let in a lot of light, with a beautiful view of Slottsparken.

 Image of the Kverneland room at Litteraturhuset, featuring a large wall illustration depicting Norwegian authors, drawn by Steffen Kverneland.
Photo: Kristin Svanæs-Soot

The room has its name from Steffen Kverneland who has made the original drawing for a large wall painting with contemporary Norwegian authors. The painting spans seven metres and covers one of the walls in room.

Kverneland is often rented in combination with Skram, located just across the hall on the same floor. We can arrange for direct screen projection and audio.

About the Room

  • Icon of a stair indicating a floor level2. floor
  • Icon of the people indicating the capacity of the room18 – 40 pers
  • Icon of simplified screen indicating aspect ratio60


  • Standard rate: 4 500 kr
  • Discounted rate: 3 000 kr

Note: 25% VAT is added to the rate for organizations and businesses that are VAT-registered. The price list is adjusted on January 1st each year.

Bilde av rommet Kverneland på Litteraturhuset


Suitable for companies, smaller meetings and seminars, launches, press conferences, and more.


The room has a projector, sound system, and a stage area (not elevated).

Video production and streaming

Litteraturhuset offers professional streaming of events, and/or audio and video recording.

Technical equipment

Technical requirements must be specified at least one week before the event. A complete list of technical equipment is available upon request.

It is also possible to only rent a projector.

Other needs by arrangement.


The room can be arranged with rows of chairs, long tables, horseshoe-shaped tables, classroom, and small table setups. The capacity of the room depends on the setup.

Rows of chairs: 40 people
Long tables: 36 people
Small tables: 30 people
Horseshoe-shaped tables: 18 people
Horseshoe-shaped tables, conference: 24 people
Classroom with large and white tables: 18 people
Klasserom-oppsett med konferansebord
Classroom with conference tables: 24 people

This is happening in Kverneland

Forsoningsprosesser – åpent seminar

Kristiansand kommune