Recording and streaming

Litteraturhuset offers video production, streaming, audio recording, and studio production services.

Kamera filmer en scenesamtale på Litteraturhuset

Litteraturhuset offers a wide range of digital additional services when renting event venues. Here, you'll find comprehensive information on what you get when you purchase services such as video production, streaming, audio recording, or studio production.

Prices for these services are in addition to venue rental, audio packages, technical personnel, and any other items in the lessee's order. The technicians' fees are determined based on the duration of the assignment. Your needs and preferences regarding the rental of technicians and digital services must be agreed upon no later than 14 days before the event date.

Terms and Conditions

As an organizer and lessee, you are responsible for all content, ensuring that the material does not infringe on third-party rights or violate Norwegian law or the streaming platform's guidelines.

You are also responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions from all individuals who will be filmed before the event. The lessee retains all intellectual property rights to the content in the recordings/streaming.

Video Production

The number of audio sources is determined by the package you order. The recordings will be sent to the listed contact person no earlier than the next working day. Litteraturhuset does not offer post-processing of video material but can provide referrals to service providers who do. Unless otherwise agreed, we keep the recordings for three months after the event.

Audio Recording

All video productions and recordings include a recording of the final audio mix. If you want a separate audio recording of each individual audio source for later mixing, we can arrange this for an extra cost.

We also offer a finished mixed audio recording without video.


We offer three different streaming packages, all of which include equipment, recording, and live streaming of the event. The Studio package, on the other hand, includes everything and is a video production without an audience present.

If you only want video and no streaming, we deduct some from the price.

Streaming Platform

Litteraturhuset uses Vimeo as its streaming platform. We can quickly and easily set up the stream for you. Streaming to other platforms incurs an additional cost. All video productions and recordings come with a finished audio mix. All packages are delivered in Full HD quality (1920 x 1080).

Litteraturhuset can also stream to the tenant's own YouTube or Facebook account for an additional fee. This is because, to set up the streaming page on the tenant's YouTube channel and ensure the setup is secure, access to channel management is required. Streaming via another channel must be arranged separately.

Studio Production

The studio package includes video production and/or streaming without a physical audience present. Litteraturhuset determines the venue based on availability and requirements. The studio package includes everything, which means renting the venue, necessary equipment, and technical personnel for up to four hours.

If you wish to receive all the separate video and audio files, we recommend bringing an external hard drive for immediate file transfer after recording. Unless otherwise agreed, we will keep the recordings for three months after the event.

We also offer

  • Video link/digital participants
  • TV screen/video monitor