Multilingual Storytelling Session

Listen to fairy tales in Norwegian and another language simultaneously! In the series "Multilingual Storytelling Session," you can hear fairy tales in many different languages.

 Illustration of a mitten and a mouse drawn by Camilla Kuhn.
Illustration: Camilla Kuhn

More than 150 different languages are spoken in Norway! That's why The House of Literature has created "Multilingual Storytelling Session": digital storytelling sessions where children can listen to stories and fairy tales told in two languages simultaneously!

The storytelling sessions are especially aimed at bilingual children and children with minority backgrounds, providing these children with the opportunity to listen to fairy tales in Norwegian and their own native language and/or their parents' language. In this way, the series can contribute to enhancing language education for both children and parents, while also demonstrating that minority languages have a rightful and natural place when we are talking about literature.

We have storytelling sessions in Swahili, Ukranian, Kven, Uighur, French, Spanish, Urdu, Tigrinya, Northern Sámi, Lithuanian, Dari, Turkish, Tamil, Punjabi, four in Polish, Kurdish, English, Russian, and Arabic