New Year’s Party with James Joyce With

Mary Fitzgerald, Tore Rem and Petter Winther

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Mary Fitzgerald, Tore Rem and Petter Winther

T.S. Eliot thought that James Joyce’s “The Dead” was one of the best short stories ever written. Of the many others who share that opinion are literature professor and author Tore Rem and Irish journalist and Joyce-enthusiast Mary Fitzerald. Together with actor Petter Winther and the chefs at Kafe Oslo, we invite you to a Joyce-inspired New Year’s party with both spiritual and solid sustenance.

“The Dead” is the last short story in James Joyce’s Dubliners and takes place at a New Year’s party on January 6th, 1904. The protagonist, Gabriel Convoy, arrives with his wife Gretta when the party’s already started. There are games, drinks, food and dancing, and when the folk song “The Lass of Aughrim” is performed, Gretta remembers what she’s lost – and Gabriel himself realizes some alarming things about love.

On exactly the same date that the story takes place, Litteraturhuset, Kafe Oslo & co. invite you to a New Year’s party. The menu will naturally enough be an interpretation of Joyce’s literary menu. Tore Rem will talk about the connection between Joyce and Ibsen, two international authors from the periphery who also share the experience of living in exile. The Irish representative for the evening, Mary Fitzerald, has long been a foreign correspondent for The Irish Times and a contributor to BBC Radio. Today, she lives – like Joyce – in a kind of voluntary exile in France, where she has among many other things arranged reenactments of the short story. This evening, she’ll talk about what Joyce and “The Dead” have meant for the Irish people. As if all of this weren’t enough, actor Petter Winther will also be in attendance, and will act and read from Jon Fosse’s newly translated works.

550,- incl. food, aperitif and entertainment

The event is supported by The Irish Embassy

Litteraturhuset Amalie Skram Billett inkl. mat og underhaldning

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